Welcome to ParentsPDQ!

If you’ve landed on this page you are most likely a parent.  Either that, or you really need to work on your search skills.  This networking site was created because the best information for parents, comes from other parents.  Not general parenting blogs or anonymous chat rooms.  We mean your friends, close acquaintances and their friends.

How often have you been looking for a class, or a specialist, or a caregiver, or a school and found yourself asking a series of “parent friends” that you happened to run into that day.  You act on your information only to find that another friend, the class mom or your next door neighbor had a much better recommendation.

At ParentsPDQ you can ask all your parent connections (PC’s) at once.  They can “share” your question with their PC’s and suddenly there is a lot of really valuable information coming your way.  Here, you can also participate in group discussions with people who have a common issue.  And you can also search our group content, past and present, for the info you need.

ParentsPDQ is not a place to post vacation pix.  And we don’t really care that you just walked into the Starbucks on 3rd Avenue.  But if you want hard won information about anything having to do with raising children (locally or nationally), you’ve come to the right place.

The next time you tell your child, “I’m always right,” you could almost be telling the truth.  So join us because together we really do know everything.